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How to Hard Reset OR Remove Pattern Lock in LG L80 Dual D380

How to Hard Reset OR Remove Pattern Lock in LG L80 Dual D380 - Guys...Java Jackie, Mobile applications hаvе changed thе business scenario forever. Connecting tо company resources аnd conducting business hаѕ nеvеr bееn ѕо easy before. Rapidly expanding business rely оn thе efficiency оf а mobile app strategy tо provide thеm wіth flexible аnd scalable features іn order tо grow. Overall, gоіng mobile іѕ nо longer аbоut simply developing а mobile app. Businesses nееd tо develop аn entire mobile app strategy аnd implement іt tо improve thеіr sales аnd conversions. This Time we Talk About How to Hard Reset OR Remove Pattern Lock in LG L80 Dual D380Mobile Driver are becoming an integral part of aproblem strategy. These Flash need to have all the features and functionality that your phone for sustained growth and success.

This method tested by me if you have  LG L80 Dual D380 device in that issues of like hang on logo, restarting problem, pattern lock, screen lock then you can use this guide and this without any box you can do just before use remember of must be charged your device battery cause if low device turns off during the process not starting so carefully use.
  • LG L80 Dual D380 USB Driver or Flash Tool
  • LG L80 Dual D380 Flash done with Flash Tool
    Before use save your data which is in device cause some impotent like contacts, messages, emails, photos, videos, calendar, notes etc if in SD Card so no need to backup but I suggest first remove SIM Card, or SD Card in device after following this guide or need hardware related that to be working well  which is device volume up, down or power keys for that solve need keys. Must be charged a battery up to 75% now let's go how to solve above issues using this guide ?


    • Press and hold Volume Down + Power until LG Logo then leave only Power key again Press Power Key until Factory data reset
    • Erase All user data & restore default settings ? Select "YES" from Volume Down button Press Power to confirm
    • Again Select "YES" from Volume Down button Press Power to confirm
    • Now you can see "Factory Reset Processing..." wait until finished Process
    • After that done device automatically restart
    • Congratulation you are done


    How to Hard Reset OR Remove Pattern Lock in LG L80 Dual D380
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